Extra Curricular - Activity Fee

Our School places values sparking a passion for all children at our school through sports, the arts, events and inquiry projects. Our school undertakes trips that are of educational value to enhance the children’s study topics. We believe it is important to make full use of our immediate and wider community resources.

Children are encouraged to participate in dance, music, performing arts, Artsplash and singing. In addition to this we invite performers from the wider community to visit the school.

Children can also take part in: Australian Maths & English Competitions, Otago Problem Solving Competition, BP Technology Challenge, Debates & Speeches, Life Education Trust programme, Peer Mediation, Tournament of Minds, athletics, netball, hockey and a range of sports.

The school is fortunate to be able to offer the services of talented musicians. Music lessons are available. Further information is available through the office if you are interested in your child attending these lessons. We have a school band and children from Year 4 and up are able to participate in Artsplash.

Teachers plan a variety of trips, shows and special events to support and enhance the class programme. These activities are funded through the Activity Fee. The $15 a term ($60 per year) Activity Fee covers whole class / whole school trips, shows and most extra curricular activity fees. Families are invoiced for the Activity Fee at the start of the year and each following term for those paying term by term. Any camps and the swimming programme is invoiced separately to the Activity Fee, as are any activity for just a small groups of students.

The expectation is that every child will participate in each activity and the cost of the activity should not stop any child from participating. If payment of any school activity is an issue, you are welcome to pay it off in smaller payments. Parents are welcome to contact the Principal for a private discussion on how we can help.