Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)

EOTC encompasses all learning that occurs outside of the classroom. It includes shows, trips and camps. As with other programmes in the school the aim of our EOTC programme is to build upon previous learning and to provide relevant experiences that will enhance current learning. Often trips and visits are used as an immersion activity to stimulate thinking or to provide a rich context to start off new learning.

Camps are run on a 2 year cycke (on even numbered years) with a major Arts event (like a school production) on the other years. Currently, camps are held from Year 3 onwards so students will experience 3 camps ~ in Years 3/4 (two nights), in Years 5/6 and in Years 7/8 (both three nights). Parents are actively encouraged to participate in our camp programme and indeed are needed for us to meet our adult to child ratios and to run a successful programme. Camps are a highlight of the year for students and every child is expected to attend.

Some Tawa School EOTC events include:   

Camp Kaitoke (Year 5 to 8 students)  - separate  Year 5/6 and Year 7/8 activities such as horse riding; kayaking; mountain biking; abseiling; bush skills; confidence course; night line; milk crate stack; archery; target shooting; UHF radios; orienteering; raft building; tenting; campfire cooking           

Palm Grove Camp (Year 3/4 students) - flying fox; water slide; ropes course; archery; tyre scramble; hiking                

Te Papa museum   

Local parks - Willowbank and Grasslees Reserve