Children with Special Abilities.

At Tawa School we nurture all our students and recognise that many of our students have special abilities in one or more areas of the curriculum.  

We look for talents in academic ability, in sports, in performing arts, in visual arts, in leadership and in the many diverse cultural groups represented in our school.
Once we have identified talents in our students we try hard to provide extension programmes in a variety of ways.

Tawa students have opportunities to participate in the following:
    Otago Maths Problem Solving
    Tournaments of the Mind
    Extension Art
    Sports teams
    Kapo kapo
    One Day School
    Instrument tuition
    Student council
    Peer Mediation
    Home Challenges
    ICAS examinations
    Dance Splash
    Special education outside of the classroom experiences

If you would like to discuss this aspect any further please contact one of our teachers with special interest in this area:  Olwyn Johnston, Anna McLean or Becca Allen.