Inquiry Learning

Inquiry learning is not a subject - this is a common misconception. Inquiry learning is teaching students the ability to ask deep questions and facilitate a process through which they gather, sort and select appropriate information to answer their question. At the end of this, students are encouraged to reflect on the process and determine what could have made it easier, what were the challenges, and how what they can do with this information now they have it. What comes next? This is called 'Taking Action - what changes can we make to the world around us now we know what we know?

Like all skills, learning is a tool. The more practice one has at it the better they become. To be an excellent learner is to have the skills necessary to learn without the aide of others, or, to know who/where to go to help find information. The inquiry process is designed in steps to help students develop their skill of learning. 

If your students come home and talk about 'Inquiry', please ask them what they are learning as usually this process includes more than one curriculum area.

Tawa School's Inquiry Learning Model