Special Needs - ORS

The Discovery Room is making use of the old dental clinic building in the middle of the main yards. This room is a classroom and run by Julie McCann the Additional Teacher with responsibility for ORS funded Students.

The ORS funded students have been assessed as having very high needs and so receive a small amount of Additional Teacher time, Teacher’s Aide support and extra funding which helps the school support their special needs.

These students are each in their appropriate age year group class and participate in all morning class activities with a Teacher’s Aide supporting them. They may come to the Discovery Room for breaks or to undertake aspects of their personal adapted curriculum. In the afternoons some students and buddies come to the Discovery Room and follow a structured programme of life and social skills, music and play with Julie and Teacher’s Aides. The Discovery Room does not hold a whole group at any one time as the students are included in as much of the life of the school as possible but provides a valuable alternative space for breaks and activities that are over and above what happens in the classroom.