Parental Involvement

There is plenty of evidence to show that when parents and schools work together, children learn successfully. Our programmes ensure that parents, who want to, can be included.

We know we have supportive school parents who want to help the school in ways that use their skills and fit their daily schedules.There are many ways you can be involved: through helping in the classroom, attending school trips, helping with fund-raising events, using artisitc talents on arts day and participating in the literacy programmes.

Parent participation is actively encouraged. Please talk to your class teacher if you are interested in helping in the classroom if you would like to contribute in any way!

Parent Tutor Programme

Our Parent Tutor programme(PTP) is designed to support and extend reading skills in children who need extra assistance. Parent tutors give one and a half hours, one morning a week to help students read. We train tutors to assist with the programme. It is a rewarding and successful programme.

We gladly have parents helping in our school in the following ways:
  • Meeting with teachers and/or children to discuss and plan for learning and behaviour outcomes
  • Board of trustees, and its subcommittees
  • Working at the discretion of the teacher in the classroom
  • Helping the grounds staff with gardening/grounds work
  • Participating in class / school trips
  • Coaching sports teams
  • Supporting sports teams in local competitions
  • Attending performances/concerts/school wide celebrations and events
  • On the fundraising committee