Ready Steady Go

READY-STEADY-GO is our new entrant transition programme, ensuring that when your child is five they are eager to begin school and know what school is like, having met their teacher, their classmates and been to school for 4 visits. Children are eligible to attend Ready-Steady-Go once they are enrolled at our school and for the four weeks prior to starting school. The programme currently runs every Friday morning, with the 4 visits building from just an hour an half up to the last one being the full morning and lunch hour. 

The timing is:
* the first visit is 9 - 10.30 (with the parent staying),
* the 2nd visit is 9 -10.30 (with parents choosing to stay or not)
* the 3rd visit is 9 - 12.30 (with parents not staying)
* the 4th visit is 9 - 12.30 (with parents not staying)

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to stay for the first session then work towards the child being independent. Sorry but no other preschoolers are able to come to these visits.

During this visit your child will:
* Experience school routines such as where the toilets are, morning tea and lunchtime routines, mat time routines.

* Get to know other class members and staff.

* Participate in some literacy and numeracy activities.

* Participate in some developmental, choosing type activities to explore their new environment.

We would love to see your child's pre school portfolio to help us get to know them and please let us know if there is any specific information that would help us to transition your child positively into the new school environment.

If this timing does not work for you, you are welcome to contact the Principal, office staff or New Entrant teacher to discuss what we can do to help.