Social Responsibility / Behaviour and Support From Home

Students at Tawa School are expected to behave responsibly and to look after one another. Older students support younger ones, supporting them as they learn to take more responsibility and develop social skills. We strive to foster open communication, caring attitudes and tolerance towards all people. To achieve these ideals a positive reinforcement approach to discipline and achievement is followed.

We have high expectations in terms of effort, achievement and behaviour for all students. Children are

expected to take responsibility for their actions and decisions. Parents will be informed, and expected to support the school, if their children seriously misbehave or continually breach our behavioural expectations. Bullying, disobedience and vandalism are not tolerated. With rights comes responsibility. All children have the right to learn in a safe environment. A key expectation is that no child has the right to stop a teacher from teaching or any other child from learning. It is important that families and the school work together in dealing with any behavioural issues. Parents are encouraged to speak to your child’s teacher straight away if you have any concerns.