There are many opportunities for children to participate in sport, to represent the school in both in school and after school competitions.

Inter-school sports programmes generally start from year 4 upwards and some activities are specifically for older students.

We have a teacher in charge of sports programmes (Mr Jason Ward) and the office can provide a contact for him for any sport related queries.

We are fortunate to have a number of parents also coaching and managing sports teams and welcome other parents to become involved.

Some sports students participate include:
- rippa rugby
- hockey
- cross country
- athletics
- netball
- cricket
- football
- tackle rugby
- swimming

We actively encourage fair play and positive sportsmanship. Abusive behaviour is not accepted from any student or their supporters. Such behaviour may lead to students being removed from the school team. We are proud of the positive and sportsman like behaviour of our Tawa students and teams.

Physical Education
Tawa School runs several units of physical education throughout the year that cover the large motor skills of running, jumping, striking, throwing and catching.

These units are run either by classroom teachers or outside providers.

This year we are doing the following:
- gymnastics
- swimming lessons
- tennis
- Maori games