Support Programs

At Tawa we have an inclusive philosophy and endeavour to support and encourage all students learning. We provide extra programmes as needed. These additional programmes are designed to extend students skills.

Target Student Intervention (TSI)
This is a literacy based programme designed to accelerate progress in reading and writing. Teachers work one to one with a student from their class and have the support of the Resource Teacher for Literacy to prepare suitable lessons.

Accelerated Learning in Mathematics (ALIM)
This is a mathematics based programme designed to accelerate progress in mathematics. Students work daily with an ALIM facilitator.

Talk to Learn
This is an oral language programme to encourage speech development in students that need the extra assistance.

As a school we are able to access additional support where necessary for students for whom we are concerned.

Support is applied for through Resource Teachers:
Learning and Behaviour (RTLB), Group Special Education (GSE) and Resource Teachers: Literacy (RT:Lit). These specialists are able to provide advice, support, and help with teaching programmes. Other providers included speech language therapists (SLTs), public health nurses, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists.