Year 7 and 8 (Intermediate) - College Prep

Intermediate students at Tawa School receive a rich programme designed to extend them, to develop their independent study habits, to expose them to a broad range of learning opportunities through which they can discover their passions and develop their love of learning, as well as a solid grounding in Literacy & Numeracy. They are well prepared for their secondary school years. We receive consistent feedback about how well our students do as they move through to College.

To support this transition to college, our Year 7 and 8's have their technology programme (cooking, sewing, woodwork, plastics, electronics etc) up at Tawa College. This gives them access to the excellent facilities and specialist trained staff, as well as making them familiar with the college environment so they settle well when they move to Year 9.

Outdoor Education
We offer a rich outdoor education programme. In particular, we have camps on at least an every 2nd year cycle, so all Year 7 and 8's get a camp designed to extend them. Our most recent camp took was at Kaitoke. The students experienced a variety of activities, including but not limited to; super fox, abseiling, air rifles, horse riding, kyaking.

ARTS programme
Arts programmes allow students to express their learning through other mediums and extend their talent.
All Intermediate students at Tawa School have the opportunity to take part in a variety of musical, performing and visual arts.
Groups cater from learners just wanting to ‘try it out’ through to extension groups for more able performers.
Specialist tutors are employed to take many of these groups. Tutors and groups are supported by many skilled, passionate and dedicated teachers.
There are many opportunities to perform, including school performances with choirs, band or drama groups, music festivals and kapa haka performances.

Environment at Tawa
Students are taught by caring, committed teachers with particular expertise in working with Year 7 and 8 students. They have their own block with warm, friendly, safe classes set up to facilitate this stage of learning.
At Tawa School all intermediate students have the opportunity to join in the full extra curricular programme.
Intermediate students have the option of working towards a 'Trust Licence' which gives them the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the school, in groups without the need for adults (with all the appropriate safety systems in place). They work in groups in the local community (e.g. the library or local businesses) or travel to the city for particular projects that they have designed themselves.
Parents are encouraged to support and be involved in the Intermediate programme.

Tawa School Offers
- All the curriculum essentials
A variety of rich learning experiences 
Leadership opportunities 
- Inquiry learning & critical thinking skills 
- Independence 
- Responsibility 
- A safe supportive environment 
- Committed teachers 
- Parental involvement in education 
- Individualised programmes whilst with full participation in the wider school programme 
- Use of the wider community 
- No uniform

The Year 7 and 8 programme at Tawa School is well designed to meet the needs of students at the intermediate level, to really engage them in their learning (at a time when research shows many students are disengaging from school) and to individualise their programme in a way that large intermediates can't. Being a full primary school has many advantages, particularly the opportunities for leadership and taking on responsibilities, particularly for younger students.

Families interested in knowing about our Year 7 and 8 programme are welcome to contact the Principal and/or Year 7 and 8 teachers, and to arrange a visit.