Arts at Tawa School

Art Education at Tawa School explores, challenges, affirms and celebrates unique artistic expressions of self, community, and culture. We seek to nurture creativity, enrich the lives of students through individual expression and build their skills base through dance, drama, visual arts and music. Art is Integrated across the whole curriculum


We have a regular Friday Arts Programme run for Middle, Senior and Intermediate students covering all the four strands. We offer a wide range of choices within each area. In past we have included:

· Visual Arts: Painting, Sketching, Collage, Paper Crafts, Paper Mache, Card Making, Murals, Zentangle Art, Textiles and Fibre, Cinematography, Masks, Pastels and Pencils, Calico Art and Artists Studies, graffiti art,

· Music: Guitar, Keyboard, Orchestra, Band, Percussion, Singing and Drumming

· Drama: Drama, Script writing, Theatre Sports and Production Group

· Dance: Flash Mob Dancing, Creative Dance and Dance Splash

The Junior Team divide children into cross class groups and spend approximately three weeks at each rotation. All students will get to do all activities twice a year to get full curriculum coverage. These topics include: Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Art and Developmental Discovery/Craft and ICT.


We have a whole school arts event biannually. These will be in odd years.


Students can participate in individual music lessons. We have a number of schools that use the facilities to teach their students.


We offer this programme to Year 5 – 8’s only. For more information regarding this topic, click on the following link TOM website

Our Dancesplash crew performed so well. Check out their performance.

Our Te Rōpū Ngahau group performed at the Tawa Schools Kapa Haka Festival. Watch their wonderful performance.