Home and School Committee

Tawa Home and School Committee works alongside the Tawa School Staff and the Board of Trustees as a complementary organisation with a number of goals designed to strengthen the links between the school, students families, the wider community and support the school's programmes. Family support and involvement is key to the old adage that “many hands make light work". General Meetings are Co-Chaired by Darlene Tuiono and Rebecca Miles, are usually held once every 4-6weeks within the school term and are advertised via the usual communication streams, School Newsletter and Tawa School Home and School Committee Facebook page.

Here's a number of ways you can help fundraise for Tawa School:

Pak ‘n Save Dockets: Bring your Pak ‘n Save Porirua dockets into school. The more dockets we collect the more money we raise.

Postie Plus: Every time you buy from the Schooltex range at Postie Plus mention Tawa School and we will get a % of the sale.

Warehouse Stationery: Mention Tawa School when you make a purchase and we will get a % of the sale.

Ink cartridges: Ink cartridges into the office. Help save the environment and raise money for the school!

For more information please see our website by clicking here alternatively feel free to contact the School Office or Tawa Home and School via email: homeandschool@tawa.school.nz.