The Tawa School staff have the education of students foremost in their minds. We actively plan teaching and learning opportunities that are influenced by our motto - sparking a passion for what could be. 
Meet our staff here.
Management Team

Ian Dewar

Robyn Warden
Deputy Principal
Team Co-Leader - Rainbow Team
Room 14
New Entrants

Olwyn Johnston
Deputy Principal 
Team Co-Leader - Sunshine Team

Room 2 Yr 5/6

Ngahere (Intermediate) Team

Lisa Dei Gratia (Team Leader)
Room 4 Yr 7/8

Sunshine (Senior) Team

Jason Ward and Jenny Peacock (Team Co-Leader - Sunshine Team & 
Maths Specialist Teacher) 
Room 2 Yr 5/6

Connor Driver-Burgess
Room 3 Yr 5/6

Julie Burbery
Room 5 Yr 4

Julie Boyd and Hannah Swan
Room 10 Yr 4/5

Rainbow (Junior) Team

Robyn Warden (Team Co-Leader) and Joe Gazzard-Steele
Room 14 New Entrants


Pam Digney and Brenda Kirkman (Team Co-Leader)
Room 16 Yr 2/3

Libby Milton
Room 7 Yr 1/2

Sarah Doyle and Karen Hallahan
Room 12 Yr 2/3

Montessori Class
Jaja Reyes
Montessori - Room 9 Yr 2-8

Additional Teachers

Julie McCann                          

ORS Teacher                            
Helen Pine         
Part-time Teacher

Tania Bourke                          
Rachel Brown
Part-time Teacher                   
Reading Recovery Teacher 


Briana Treder                         
Ingrid Alve
Part-time Teacher                   
Part-time Teacher

Teacher Aides

Margaret Robertson                Sharon Peers             

Sarah Gillespie                       
Carrie Dowdle

Michelle Greenfield                Carolyn Neilson

Louise Kirikino                       Rachel Millar

Jane Pretorius                       Nicola Griffin

Administrative Staff 

Trena Sharpes
Executive Officer

Katrina Hennessey
Administration Assistant

Support Staff

Angela Marsden

Scott Brown