Positive Behaviour For Learning

Tawa School has developed a successful programme for encouraging positive student behaviours. We have woven the PB4L programme into our school culture so that it reflects our school values. This programme is evidenced-based.

The PB4L principles have required systemic changes and have helped teachers to be consistent with teaching behavioural skills and dealing with misbehaviours. Most of all, it has given students very clear and positive guidelines on how to be successful through positive behaviour.

PB4L guiding principles:

1. Student behaviour can be changed through teaching

2. Environments can be adapted to change behaviour 

3. Changing environments requires change in student and adult behaviour 

4. Adult behaviour will change in a consistent and systematic manner

5. Systems of support are necessary for both students and adults

We have integrated the principles of Restorative Practice into our PB4L programme. This has enhanced our behaviour programme. Restorative Practice is another skill students can learn to use.

We have 2 committed teams within Tawa School who maintain and guide the programme to be as successful as possible. The members on these teams include our Principal, our Deputy Principals, members of our leadership team, and teaching staff members.