About Us

The original school, Tawa Flat, was established in 1855 and for many years was the only school in Tawa.

Over the years the school has changed. In the early years the school sat alone in a paddock. In time it grew to over 1000 pupils and space was at such a premium that some children were taught in a marquee on our present parking area. We are proud of the long tradition of our school and of the past pupils who have made important contributions to the New Zealand and global communities. Our school has members of staff who attended the school as pupils. We have the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of past pupils. Reflecting this tradition is an important part of our modern school.

Tawa School enrols children from new entrants (fantastic fives) to intermediate (year 8). The school has a strong tradition of quality education. This is achieved through an approach which focuses on the development of the whole child: academic, social, emotional and physical.

The school is friendly and well disciplined. A caring family atmosphere has been developed through the school, through excellent parent, child, teacher relationships.