Tawa School Board

Presiding Member / Chairperson's Welcome

Kia ora and welcome to Tawa School.

We are so pleased you have chosen Tawa School as part of your child/ren's journey. It’s important that you, your Tamariki and your whānau feel welcome and safe in our school community.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated and motivated principal and talented staff who care deeply about the children in our school. We have a team of passionate people who aim to cater to each child’s individual needs, supporting them to reach their full potential both during their time at Tawa School and in the future.

Connection and an effective ongoing partnership between the Ministry of Education, the Board, our Principal, staff, our Tamariki, their parents, caregivers and families, and the wider Tawa community are critical for the success of our school.

At Tawa School, we believe the education of our Tamariki is a partnership between home and school. We welcome parents and actively encourage them to participate in their children’s learning. 

Your contribution in terms of time, skills and parent donations are more than just a bonus to the school – they are critical for day to day running and a key ingredient in the delivery of high-quality education to your child/ren. We welcome you to let our team know of any way you would like to contribute to our school community.

We look forward to meeting you and your child/ren and establishing a positive, enjoyable and mutually rewarding relationship with you and your whanau.

The Tawa School Board is an elected group of individuals responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction to the school.

Tatyana Protsenko

Presiding Member / Chairperson

Tawa School Board 


Tatyana Protsenko

Presiding Member

Mark Williams

Board Member

Kerryn Merriman

Montessori Rep

Briar Cuming

Board Member

Simon Humphries

Board Member

Danielle Calder

Board Member

Barri Dullabh


Robyn Warden

Staff Rep

Trena Sharpes

Board Secretary

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