Board of Trustees

Chairpersons Welcome

Welcome to Tawa School.

The Board of Trustees is the elected group of parents and staff representatives who have the responsibility for the governance of our school. The school’s successes result from an effective and ongoing partnership between the Ministry of Education, the Board, the Principal, the staff, the students, their parents, caregivers and families as well as the wider Tawa community.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated and motivated principal and talented staff. With the continued commitment and support of the whole school and community we can achieve our aim to cater for each student’s individual needs and ensure that they all reach their full potential both during their time at Tawa School and in the future.

Tawa School is currently rated by the Government as a decile 7 school. This means we receive substantially less funding than lower decile schools based on the expectation that our community is in a socio-economic area with greater access to financial and other resources. This is in fact not the case in Tawa and finances are an ongoing challenge for the school. Your contributions in terms of time, skills and money are more than just a bonus to the school – they are critical for the effective day to day running and are a key ingredient in the delivery of high quality education to your child/ren.

Tawa School believes that the education of its children is a partnership between home and school.

Parents are warmly welcomed and actively encouraged to participate in their children’s learning. We look forward to meeting you and your child/ren and to establishing a positive, enjoyable and mutually rewarding relationship with you and your family.

Sue Clarke


Tawa School Board of Trustees

Current Board Members

Sue Clarke (Chairperson)

Ben Brown (Finance)

Blaire Walter (Property)

Catherine Conland (Health & Safety)

Genevra Veitch (Montessori)

Robyn Warden (Staff Rep)

Barri Dullabh (Principal)

Trena Sharpes (Secretary)